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Allow including within subdirectories #400

richtaur opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Matt Hackett Jordon Bedwell
Matt Hackett

In code like this:

{% include foo.html %}

It would be wonderful to allow for subdirectories, eg:

{% include subdirectory/foo.html %}

Note: could be that this is a Liquid issue …

Jordon Bedwell

I was just looking over this bug to see if I could send something upstream to fix this but both looking at the source and testng I was able to include test/test.txt from _includes. Perhaps a mistake in your sources syntax or an older version of Ruby? Liquid/Jekyll?

If you look here: you'll see that Jekyll only conforms the directory, rejects symlinks and then validates that in the end it's in the list */ is a traversal so if you create a directory test/test/test/test/test.txt and then do {% include test/test/test/test/test.txt %} it should include it. The test was done on Ruby1.9.2 with liquid2.2.2.

Matt Hackett

Right you are, sorry the error was on our end. Thank you!

Matt Hackett richtaur closed this
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