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Give permalinks an abbreviated month option #410

dreynolds opened this Issue Sep 30, 2011 · 4 comments

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I'd quite like to have the abbreviated version of the month in my permalinks:

>> t =
=> Fri Sep 30 17:21:36 +0100 2011
>> t
=> Fri Sep 30 17:21:36 +0100 2011
>> t.strftime('%b')
=> "Sep"

What are the chances of altering the Post permalink structure to allow the abbreviated month as an option?

Jekyll member
parkr commented Feb 23, 2013

I'd be down. It just needs to be added to the hash post.rb#L149. What short name would you use?


Hey @parkr would was this actually still required for the 1.0 milestone? I was going to take a crack at dropping this in for you since it seems like it is at the bottom of the barrel :smile:

Jekyll member
parkr commented Mar 26, 2013

@zachgersh Please do!

Jekyll member
parkr commented Apr 5, 2013

Just merged #890!

@parkr parkr closed this Apr 5, 2013
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