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Generator garbles PHP code #424

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Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

I need to have a contact form on my Octopress site, so I made a php page (with file name extension "php"). All is well except the php code in the generated php file is heavily escaped. Can I somehow configure Jekyll to leave <?php ... ?> blocks as is?

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried using this at the top of your php file?

layout: nil


I tried it and it leaves the PHP code untouched.


Maybe, my setup is wrong, but setting layout to nil only disables templates. I'd like to use a page template, though.

On second thought, it looks like a parser error. Consider the example:

$to = "\"Support Staff\" <>";

The line gets escaped like this:

$to = "\"Support Staff\" <>&#8221;;

The error makes the parser go crazy and it escapes the quote marks "inside out". However, if I omit the angle brackets, everything is fine:

$to = "\"Support Staff\"";

Note that this is actual PHP code supposed to get executed and not just a code quote.


This is by no means a fix, but I ended up working around the issue with the following code:


I'm not seeing this issue. I can process the line you provided, and it goes through without any apparent escaping. Can you still reproduce it?

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