Remove optional rendering engines (RedCloth, maruku) from the dependency list #57

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bmaland commented Jun 3, 2009

I don't think it's a good idea to make optional rendering engines forced requirements. The current main issue with Jekyll's Ruby 1.9 compability is the RedCloth 4.1.0 requirement (4.1.9 is the first RedCloth version that works with Ruby 1.9). Thus, people that doesn't even want to use RedCloth for their markup currently can't install Jekyll because of this (Ruby 1.9 users, that is). I don't see any good reasons for keeping them as dependencies, we could just rescue LoadErrors and print installation instructions instead.

(I'd be happy to implement the necessary changes, if they would be accepted into the mainline)

qrush commented Jun 3, 2009

I don't fully how will textile/markdown get rendered if we're not using the external libraries? I think it would be most unwise to implement an engine for either inside of Jekyll.

I'm up for any sort of work related to fixing this problem, it's definitely a huge pain point.

bmaland commented Jun 3, 2009

Maybe I didn't get my idea across properly (I'm not a native speaker) - I'll try again. :)

Sure, I think these libraries should be used to render the pages, but they aren't really requirements for using Jekyll. If I want to use markdown, and for some reason prefer rdiscount, I don't need Jekyll to install RedCloth and maruku as dependencies as I won't even use these other engines.

So instead of having these as dependencies for installing the gem, they could be run-time dependencies. RDiscount actually works the way I suggest right now. If you chose RDiscount in _config.yml without having it installed, you will simply get a LoadError telling you how to install it. That's how RedCloth and maruku should be treated as well, imo.

qrush commented Jun 22, 2009

Ahh, I see now. +1 then :)

tvo commented Apr 22, 2010

See also #128

mojombo commented Jun 22, 2010

Maruku is now the only processor dependency installed by default. Closed by de8bd48.

Other processors will be lazy-loaded when necessary (and prompt the
user to install them when necessary).

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