Static pages don't generated when there's a submodule included (Github's Static Page Generator). #679

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I have several project pages to maintain, and all of them use a same theme (I packaged it into a separate repo which called KYProjectPageTheme).

Just copy the KYProjectPageTheme's entire folder to gh-pages branch's root dir & then push it to Github works very well. I'll receive a notification when static pages build successfully.

However, I want to add KYProjectPageTheme as a submodule under gh-pages branch. This works well in my local machine. But when I pushed it to Github, I could not receive the notification anymore! And static pages are still in the previous state, i.e. modification after I've added a submodule did not affect.

What I guess is that Github's static page generator will not work when there's a submodule in gh-pages branch. But actually, I don't need a generator to generate static pages, I just need to modify pages in HTML & push it to gh-pages. Why not my index.html updated?

Any idea? Is there some workarounds to solve this issue?

This issue is posted on StackOverflow several months ago (QUESTION HERE). I've no idea whether should I post it here, cause this issue occur while using Github's Static Page Generator. But as I know, it uses Jekyll as well. Hope someone can offer a workaround. Thanks in advance! :)

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Thanks @mattr- , I'll do it. :)
But where are you, @mojombo ?, do you have any idea?

Troubles with jekyll?
mojombo can probably help you better than GitHub support can. You might want to open an issue or send this user an email.


I've just got the solution from Github. And HERE's the help link.

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