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Break out Renderers like Migrators #845

tombell opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It seems like a good time to discuss moving out renderers like we plan to do with the migrators. Rather than populate the core of jekyll with every known renderer for every known format, having external gems is probably a nicer solution.

I'm happy to start looking at an implementation of this if people are :+1:


@benbalter suggested moving to something like Tilt in #819. It should greatly reduce the amount of code we need to render a site's content.


Tilt deals more with template languages (liquid, mustache, etc). I'm talking about breaking out the markdown/textile engines and creating a way for people to choose their preferred one without populating the core of jekyll.


Wouldn't that also happen in the case of using Tilt, as it would just be a config setting which Markdown renderer to use.


I'd be interested to see a PR about that! How would you structure it?


parkr, it seemed that would be the case if using Tilt, I haven't looked into it further but that sounded like how it would probably work.


If we can do this sort of thing within tilt then I'm all for using tilt.

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