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The command line changes in 1.0 are awesome and love the new config file flag, but may break custom build scripts, etc. May want to give folks a heads up in the changelog as to which commands were deprectaed, and update the wiki with the proper flags + a local config file howto:


  • --no-server
  • --no-auto
  • --auto
  • --server
  • --url=
  • --safe
  • Markdown engine
  • --pygments
  • --permalink=
  • --paginate


  • --baseurl= (note, wiki currently has base-url)
  • --config=
  • --drafts

Edit: wiki page

parkr commented Mar 20, 2013

We'll also want to edit the configuration page in the site docs in ./site/_posts/...-configuration.md

parkr commented Mar 21, 2013

@qrush suggested we offer legacy support for the old switches. Not entirely sure how we would go about that, but... yeah that might be a good. Could print a deprecation warning but still run the expected command.

agarie commented Mar 22, 2013

Maybe showing how to do it right and not running the expected command? This way, it'll force the guy/gal to do it the right way. From version 1.1 onwards, you can simply print a more general error or something. :)


I think a more descriptive error without support should be fine. No need with such a new technology to keep support for these legacy tags.

mojombo commented Apr 7, 2013

It would be very nice to give people a nice error message if they try to use old Jekyll CLI invocations, as I'm sure it will be a common problem. I don't think we need to support them any further than that, though.

parkr commented Apr 10, 2013

Should be enough to set the default command to help, no?

parkr commented Apr 13, 2013

What if, in bin/jekyll, we checked for these values and threw a deprecation warning?

parkr commented Apr 13, 2013

I have the auto deprecation working nicely:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 5 50 33 PM 1

parkr commented Apr 13, 2013

Catching the switches @benbalter mentioned above, e.g.:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 6 01 19 PM


👍 Perhaps you could make the text red or yellow? Especially considering it's in the middle of a block of text... I know I'd never see that.

parkr commented Apr 13, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 7 47 48 PM


Working on a PR for an "upgrading" page for ./site/ to memorialize the above. Cool to close this issue?

parkr commented Apr 13, 2013

Yep! I've added all my log work to #959.

@parkr parkr closed this Apr 13, 2013
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