Tumblr migration, still facing No such file or directory issue #886

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Cloned the octopress from github.com/imathis/octopress, ran bundle install and when migrating my tumblr blog, its facing this issue:

be ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll/migrators/tumblr"; Jekyll::Tumblr.process("http://www.nepalonrails.com", "md")'                    1.9.3-p194@global
Page: 1 - Posts: 30
Configuration from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/_config.yml
/Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/post.rb:44:in `rescue in initialize': No such file or directory - /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/../_posts/tumblr/2013-03-16-publishing-cookbook-to-chef-community-site.md in /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/../_posts/tumblr/2013-03-16-publishing-cookbook-to-chef-community-site.md (Jekyll::FatalException)
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/post.rb:41:in `initialize'
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/tumblr.rb:124:in `new'
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/tumblr.rb:124:in `block in rewrite_urls_and_redirects'
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/tumblr.rb:119:in `map'
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/tumblr.rb:119:in `rewrite_urls_and_redirects'
    from /Users/millisami/Code/octopress/.bundle/gems/jekyll-0.12.0/lib/jekyll/migrators/tumblr.rb:30:in `process'
    from -e:1:in `<main>'
Jekyll member
Jekyll member

We've started a new repositories where we're keeping the migrators: jekyll/jekyll-import. We should discuss this over there, mostly because I think it's been fixed already :-)

Someone was File.dirname(FILE) instead of Dir.pwd.


@mattr- Yes, I did first setup the Octopress and ran that migration.
After some googles, this nifty hack of symlinking did work. First I created a dir named _posts and symlinked it. Then running the migration did solved this issue.

@parkr I stubled upon that repo but it did not have the README file so just skipped that.


@parkr believe we can close this ticket now?

@parkr parkr closed this Jun 13, 2013
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