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kelsin commented May 8, 2013

This is a duplicate of mojombo#1058 which was in a funky state... it didn't seem to recall what branch I made the push from, so I'm recreating it

On windows the File.basename function will separate paths on : so File.basename('path:num') == 'path'.

The result currently is that on >= 1.0.0 (on windows) pagination just doesn't work. We end up with the last page being rendered to _site/page/index.html and no other page folders at all. This commit fixes that and my pagination on my site behaves like it did in 0.12.1.

Code Change
This fix substitutes :num for the page number first and calls File.basename after so that : is no longer in the path.

The test provided doesn't break on master for linux and mac but does on windows.

Right now my rake test is clean on my mac for this branch but dirty for other reasons on windows. I confirmed that it's not more broken than master however.

On my mac and windows machines rake feature has many failing tests but on both machines no more failures than on master. I haven't confirmed exactly why to find out if my mac is setup wrong. I'm assuming the breaks on windows are normal non-unix type of things.


kelsin commented May 8, 2013

I added a second commit to the original pull request that further clarifies how paginate_path currently works.

Right now in the code you use File.basename and the directory structure of the index page to make the full path:

This is also tested by your features:

So it looks like File.basename is the right thing to do unless you want to refactor other parts of the code. The purpose of this pull request however still stands since on windows we need to substitute :num before calling File.basename.

ddatsh commented May 22, 2013

thanks!my problem solved

@parkr parkr commented on the diff May 22, 2013

@@ -92,8 +92,9 @@ def self.subdirectories_identical(paginate_path, page_dir)
# Returns the pagination path as a string
def self.paginate_path(site_config, num_page)
return nil if num_page.nil? || num_page <= 1
- format = File.basename(site_config['paginate_path'])
- format.sub(':num', num_page.to_s)
+ format = site_config['paginate_path']
+ format = format.sub(':num', num_page.to_s)
+ File.basename(format)

parkr May 22, 2013


weird, we shouldn't even be doing this basename call. if you set paginate_path = "/blog/page/:num and call this with num_page = 3 it should return /blog/page/3 right?


parkr May 22, 2013


that's the actual path


kelsin May 22, 2013


I already answered this question in my pull request. The code that uses this result is:

If you wanted this function to return the whole path then you need to rework paginate to not join this with the page.dir

This is also already currently tested with your tests:


kelsin May 22, 2013


I should add that all I want to do is make your current gem work on windows. If you want to rework this section of code, that's fine go ahead. If you're going to leave it as is, we need this fix in order to make it work properly on windows.

Whether or not you feel basename is proper here is beyond the scope of this request. It currently works that way so I didn't change it.


parkr commented May 22, 2013

Cool, then 👍 from me. @mattr-?


mattr- commented May 22, 2013


mattr- merged commit 1eab13c into jekyll:master May 22, 2013

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@mattr- mattr- added a commit that referenced this pull request May 22, 2013

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kelsin commented May 22, 2013

Yay thanks guys :) Loving working with jekyll so far!

This appears to be an existing issue in 2.2.
Under Windows, pagination fails to create page2.html, etc. and renders the last page as index.html


parkr commented Aug 17, 2014

@coderabbi Can you please open a new issue on jekyll/jekyll-paginate for this? It's a separate repo containing our pagination code. Thanks!

Darkhogg referenced this pull request in jekyll/jekyll-paginate Oct 15, 2014


Index gets last page, no other page is generated #14

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