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Replace Maruku with Kramdown as Default Markdown Processor #1988

merged 1 commit into from
Feb 8, 2014


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@parkr parkr commented Jan 25, 2014

After giving this more thought, I think the final decision should be about compatibility and the best user experience. Kramdown has syntax most similar to Maruku (for non-standard features, that is), and it has stellar docs, which makes getting started with it and migrating to it from Maruku wonderfully easy.

Fixes #1752.

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parkr commented Jan 26, 2014

@benbalter This should be the smoothest transition for Pages folks, too.

@@ -532,7 +532,7 @@ def do_render(post) = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'source')

assert_equal "<<< <hr />\n<p>Tom Preston-Werner</p>\n\n<p>This <em>is</em> cool</p> >>>", post.output
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The removal of the <hr> tag here bothers me a bit. Is there something in Maruku that's causing this to be generated as as <hr> that Kramdown changes?

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btw, I'm not expecting you to do the research here. I'll do it, but just throwing this comment out there if you know off the top of your head. 😃

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-- vs ---. I'd just update the fixture, no?

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Fixed in dd722f0

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parkr commented Feb 8, 2014

@benbalter Would love your input here when you have a spare cycle or two. 😃 Also, do you know about the above question (re: <hr>)?

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I'm a fan of Kramdown as a sane default due it's killer docs, and parity with Maruku meaning 99% of users shouldn't notice the bump.

- Update default markdown converter in docs for configuration
- Update tests so they are in line with Kramdown output
- Add deprecation message to when config is built
parkr added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 8, 2014
@parkr parkr merged commit dd3018c into master Feb 8, 2014
parkr added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 8, 2014
@parkr parkr deleted the maruku-to-kramdown branch February 8, 2014 22:09
@parkr parkr mentioned this pull request Feb 8, 2014
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case commented Feb 10, 2014

👍 for this

barryclark added a commit to barryclark/jekyll-now that referenced this pull request Apr 30, 2014
@yizeng yizeng mentioned this pull request May 8, 2014
xj0r pushed a commit to xj0r/ that referenced this pull request Aug 29, 2014
aquinzi pushed a commit to aquinzi/tdf-actividades that referenced this pull request Jul 26, 2015
First pass at masthead styling.

Style Guide, and all markdown content styled

Shouting out other Jekyll starting points in the readme

Switched from redcarpet to rdiscount for markdown

Syntax highlighting.




Added theme screenshot

Added theme screenshot

Readme updates

Added license.

Documentation updates

Documentation updates

Added CNAME placeholder

Rename to Jekyll Kickstart

Updated posts.

Updated Hello World post

Updated Hello World post

Don't need <header> tag around <h1> on blog posts.

Updated images.

Updated Hello World post to reference new image.

Generalised config variable placeholders.

Removed license from readme

Readme update: 5 minute setup

Readme update: 5 minute setup

Added local development workflow instructions

Quick readme rejiggery

Let's tell a story in the README.

README edits

README edits

README edits

README edits

Config file commenting

Some renaming from Jekyll Kickstart to Jekyll Now

Merge branch 'master' of

OMG gifs in a readme

Setup gif mvp

Updated readme with setup gif

readme updates

readme updates

Added step 2 and 3 gifs to the readme

updated readme

updated readme

updated readme

updated readme

updated readme

Switch to Kramdown due to rdiscount issues (also jekyll/jekyll#1988)

Readme updates

Neatened up masthead & added a blog description

Tweaks to Hello World post

Linked blogpost headers on homepage up to posts

another sample post for theme development for now

social icons for github and twitter as pngs

Remove Chrome from head

Updated syntax highlighting flag in config

Added baseurl

Removed Read More buttons


Removed post dates from indexes, now only at bottom of the post

Full width header/footer with background colors

SVG icons for every major social network, hooked up to _config.yml

Corrected footer icon urls

RSS feed option added

Added sitemap.xml

Footer link URL fix for dribbble

Comment updates to _config.yml

Mobile breakpoint pass -- header especially

Horrifyingly hacky <br> header fix, will fix soon

New Hello World post for a better first run experience

Read More links are back in the main view

Added site description to <title>

Updates to Hello World post

Tweaks to the header style

The first Emoji--yay

Avatar height fix

Fixes Disqus integration

Hello World post update

Less gifs in the - cutting the load time down

More sparkle. More hearts.

Readme update: features

Readme update: added a couple mor features

Readme update: credits update

Readme updates: theme screenshots and problem description

Readme updates

Fixed RSS footer link

Readme tweakery for life

Readme update: theme

Readme update

Readme update

Merge branch 'master' of


Readme update

Readme update

Greatly simplified readme

More readme tweakery

Clarified emoji in readme

readme tweakery #1000


Lighten up description and border-bottom in the header

Added Jon and Dave to review credits

README: Updated credits formatting

Removed some unused images

Update CNAME

Merge branch 'master' of

Removing everything from the CNAME file

Documentation updates.

Only include Disqus markup if an account has been entered

Only include Google Analytics markup if an account has been entered

Don't display a dividing line under the last post on the blog

Toned down h2-h4 sizes

Decrease header line-height on mobile

Post headers glow blue instead of underlining

Fixed blue post titles on hover

Reordered _config.yml for better first run experience

Use Jekyll's profile pic as the placeholder

Use a hard-coded link to the Jekyll logo, hosted on jekyll-now

Readme: Make it really clear that you can view your site right after forking

Readme: ... but it can take up to 10 minutes

Link the user to a markdown cheatsheet

Explain Jekyll and link to jekyll/jekyll at top of readme

Easy to try out

More time making your blog awesome

Misc readme updates

Changes tutorial pics to use UI

Changed tutorial images to pngs

Resizes tutorial images to be smaller so they won't scale down as much

Updates tutorial images

Updated image link in first post

Put the first post image below the instructional copy

Readme tweaks

Added Jekyll Now comment in to the top of the head markup

Rolling without HTML5 shiv, because don't need IE8 support

Adding in baseurl to support hosting at project repos

Fixed URL links in RSS feed

Re-ordered _config.yml

Explaining baseurl in _config.yml

Moving secret head comment lower

Explaining baseurl in _config.yml

I am terrible at using git commit --amend

Merge branch 'master' of


Refactor of the nav, and added in new .clearfix

Refactor of hyperlink styles and hover states

Mobile header tweaks

Created headers in SCSS to break things out more in the CSS file

Moving syntax highlighting to the bottom of the CSS file

Clear up color variable usage in the Scss

Removed light gray as it isn't used

Removed mobile width variable as it isn't used elsewhere

Might as well take IE8 and below support for 3 lines of code.

Making syntax highlighting more readable

Largely unsuccessful attempt to fix markup tag indenting

Slightly toning down h2s again

Give headers bold by default

Updated readme Step 2 to touch on cloning down option

blockquoting readme cloning down tip

* { Box-sizing: Border-box } FTW

Little 1px border-bottom on the footer

A few minor readme edits

Readme typo fix

Updating Hello World blog post image reference

Updating index.html links to include baseurl

Don't need the /

Extra / in Hello World image reference

ups, no trailing slash in baseurl

Corrected post linked in feed.xml

Updated README with new instructions on forcing your site live

Minor readme update clarifying how rebuild works

Give the comments some breathing room explaining creating new posts in the browser

Added recommended themes section to readme

Readme: hacker portfolio theme

New quick start demo gif

Adding screenshot of the theme into the readme

Moved SVG icon markup to an include

Added a 404 page

Updated 404 page to fix links

Resize the image on the 404 page

Readme: Reworked other forkable themes section

Readme: Reworked other forkable themes section

Readme: Re-ordered themes sections

Readme: Typo

Add in instructions

Readme prose updates

Switched from my own sitemap.xml to the official Jekyll gem

Removed old sitemap

It's called a Disqus shortname, not username

It's called a Disqus shortname, not username

Adding Gemfile to repo as we're using Jemoji and Jekyll-Sitemap gems

Updated theme screenshot to include browser chrome

README: Moved theme demo link below screenshot

README: Removed first theme demo link, there's a big screenshot now

Don't need to add the Gemfile to the repo

Adding specific jekyll-sitemap version to Gemfile

Removing Gemfile from repo

Tweak spacing on navigation

write epic blog posts

Added release configuration flag

Move to mobile view earlier at 640px

Removed unused image files

Update default github icon to point to jekyll now repo

Changed version to beta in _config.yml

Minor readme updates

Copy update on first post

Included an email list for theme updates

Increased post title font-weight

Change visual style of read more links

Slight tweak to spacing between masthead and content

Because Luke

i and em are italics, b and strong are bold

Added newsletter call to action to the top of the readme

Goodbye Gruntfile - you have served me well

Update the newsletter link

Update Sass files to be built by GitHub Pages

Newsletter CTA copy update

Add syntax highlighting styles to credits

CSS comments tidy up

Clean out grunt stuff from _config.yml excludes

Added local development instructions

Quick readme re-order

Readme: Tidied up the credits

Add in link for Smashing Magazine walkthrough

Newsletter url update

v1.0.0 release

Use the markdown style guide that's on

Added information about Smashing Mag walkthrough

Readme: Moving newsletter CTA to the bottom

Readme: Added comment about making Windows setup easier

Readme: Smashing Mag link updated - Fixes #1

Remove duplicated viewport meta tag

Merge pull request #3 from javiercejudo/patch-1

Remove duplicated viewport meta tag

Added Michael Rose themes to recommended list

Added stackoverflow SVG.

Merge pull request #6 from bkiers/stackoverflow-svg

Added stackoverflow SVG.

Merge branch 'master' of

Adds link element for RSS feed

Adds site description to the RSS link title

Merge pull request #16 from javiercejudo/patch-2

Adds link element for RSS feed

Adds trailing slash to avoid 301 redirects

Merge pull request #15 from javiercejudo/patch-1

Adds trailing slash to avoid 301 redirections

Add permalink with trailing slash to about page Fixes #13

Readme love for Bart Kiers and Javier Cejudo

Update to Universal Google Analytics Script

Google is upgrading to their new "Universal Analytics."

I'd recommend building that into this instead of the legacy ga.js script.

Merge pull request #17 from esteinborn/patch-1

Update to Universal Google Analytics Script

Bold headers fix for Windows browsers

Visual improvements to the font weight of headers

removing newsletter plug from readme

Update feed.xml Layout declaration

Merge pull request #23 from etelej/j-now

Fix feed.xml null layout warning

Peter Etelej credits shout out

Fix mailto link code

So that the created link is `` instead of `mailto:` (note the space after `mailto:`)

Merge pull request #26 from hunjaelee/patch-1

Fix mailto links

Fix duplicate meta charset declaration

Merge pull request #28 from etelej/j-now

Fix duplicate meta charset declaration

Added Hun Jae Lee to credits 🙌

Update stackoverflow.html

Modified stackoverflow icon in order to remove xml declaration and title tag from resulting HTML code

Merge pull request #31 from vermluh/icons2

Remove extraneous markup from Stack Overflow icon

Add credits for Florian Simon 🙌

Updated readme installation steps to use GitHub Pages 💎

Updated readme to make local dev installation steps a little easier.

Updating readme to mention that it can take 10 minutes - closes #37

Teeny tiny typo fixes to README

Merge pull request #38 from henryaj/master

Teeny tiny typo fixes to README

Adding Henry Stanley to readme credits 🙌

Readme: removing new themes email drop

Change how SVG icons are included in pages

Normally you include a .html file containing SVG data to show social
media icons on the page, but this means adding up to 27KB of bloat to
every single page.

With this commit I have moved the SVG data into a .scss file and
converted them into Data URIs so they work on multiple browsers. This
means the CSS file will contain the SVG data rather than each and every
page on the site.

Merge pull request #47 from jaminscript/move-svg-to-css

Load SVG icons in via CSS. Saves up to 27KB per page load!

Dropping gemoji

Adding more contributors 🙌

Better syntax highlighting

- Switched to redcarpet from kramdown for proper markup

Merge pull request #76 from rnicholus/syntax-highlighting

Better syntax highlighting & switch to redcarpet parser

Resolves #72 by overriding an img style

Merge pull request #77 from jaminscript/fix-google-translate-bubble

Resolves #72 - Google Translate rendering issue by overriding an img style

modifed for theme

Merge pull request #121 from eringrand/youtuberepo

youtube icon

Clarified comment about Disqus shortname

Removing all of the trailing whitespace

License date bump

meta declarations pointed out by @LeoColomb in #39

Move Sass to default _sass directory via @LeoColomb #39

Adding @LeoColomb and @eringrand to the credits!

Removing emoji from Hello World blog post

Improve metadata for posts and pages (closes #50)

Using post.excerpt in index.html (closes #117)

:sparkles: Version bump to v1.1.0 :sparkles:

disqus_identifier param is not used

Merge pull request #126 from daattali/patch-1

disqus_identifier param is not used

Adding Dean Attali into the credits 🙌

Added in instructions for contributing

improve the quality of anaytics

Improve the quality of Google Analytics as found in:

Reduce and eliminate referrer spam in Google Analytics as found in: the quality of analytics

remove whitespace

Merge pull request #122 from cjerrington/patch-3

improve the quality of analytics

Adding Clayton to the credits :raised_hands:

added G+ icon to svq-icons

added ability to include G+ icon

Merge pull request #138 from eringrand/G+icon

Google+ Icon, added by @eringrand

Compress Images

Merge pull request #158 from coltonfitzgerald/master

Losslessly Compressed Images w/ ImageOptim

Update svg-icons.html

Added SSL to fix broken links for W3C validation and preempt redirection.

Merge branch 'patch-1' of into sunnankar-patch-1


Merge branch 'sunnankar-patch-1'

Adding Colton and Trace to credits 🙌

Update _svg-icons.scss

fixed the SVG and the size of the image

Merge pull request #183 from eringrand/patch-1

More detailed Youtube icon.

Exclude CNAME

There’s no reason you’d want to be able to access the CNAME file on the
hosted site.

Merge pull request #187 from frenchie16/jekyll-now/master

Exclude CNAME from the hosted site

Update _config.yml

Deleting a couple of old files.

Homepage blog format updates.

Readme updates

Added blog to front page.

Include site name in header

Decreased width

First commit of base theme.
tokka2 added a commit to tokka2/ that referenced this pull request Mar 2, 2016
@jekyll jekyll locked and limited conversation to collaborators Feb 27, 2017
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