Use 'header' and 'footer' semantic HTML5 elements. #2012

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They are save to use according to


I'm still not entirely certain on the "safe-to-use" bit; IE8 (eww) requires the Shiv and behaves, uh, "interestingly" without it.


I thought IE8 would not be used any longer, but I just took a look at
and saw that IE8 still has a market share of 6.6% worldwide (interestingly, in China about 26%).

Ok, so this should probably not be included.


I expect IE8 to die in another decade or so, remembering that WinXP could only go up to IE8. When it's usage share drops below 5%, I'd say semantic elements will be "safe to use". In this case, however, I suggest jumping the curve; I'd guess all our users use functional (for a very forgiving definition of 'functional') web browsers so this won't be an issue, really.

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The site template has since been completely revamped. Thanks tho!

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