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A month ago, I've filed the issue jekyll/jekyll#195 about dotfiles being ignored in recent Jekyll versions (it was OK in 0.5.7).

I've decided to try to fix this and I guess I've made it ;-)

The implementation may not be the best, but I've added a test and checked with a real site, it seems to work as expected.

jlecour added some commits Sep 9, 2010
@jlecour jlecour Add a failing test for rendering dotfiles
The test uses a simple ".htaccess" file that needs to be rendered
as any other page, like the sitemap.xml, …
@jlecour jlecour Treat dotfiles as files without extension
If the file starts with a dot, the whole filename is considered the basename
and there is not extension.

Thanks for this - fingers crossed it makes it into the next version!


This problem is fixed in a better way by #208. I've merged the tests though.


Cool, thanks


I see that Jekyll is getting some of your attention lately, that's cool.
Do you plan to update the gem soon ?

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