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Exception handler in Convertible references nonexisting method .name #419

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When an Exception in a liquid template happens, the exception handler is invoked, but it raises another exception (oh, no, not another!), because Post does not quack .name, and the almighty web master finds difficult to understand what the error means.

No need to wonder, but yeah the attached commit fixes the issue. Yay!



for testing the issue just use a non.existend Liquid Tag (in my case {% youtbe ID %}

@mojombo mojombo merged commit 3c2519f into jekyll:master
eob commented

Related to this bug, however -- is there a way to get an informational message about which template tag is causing the exception? I'm running into this problem right now and can't find what in the post is causing the server process to barf.

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  1. +2 −0  lib/jekyll/post.rb
2  lib/jekyll/post.rb
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ def self.valid?(name)
attr_accessor :data, :content, :output, :ext
attr_accessor :date, :slug, :published, :tags, :categories
+ attr_reader :name
# Initialize this Post instance.
# +site+ is the Site
# +base+ is the String path to the dir containing the post file
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