Fix bug where `post_url` tag matched incorrect post with subdirectory #4873

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mlocher commented May 7, 2016 edited

Instead of matching the the value provided to post_url against the base name, test against the relative path.

Updated the regexp to match both _posts/#{path}/#{date}-#{slug} as well as #{path}/_posts/#{date}-#{slug}

This is a very rough draft, and it's entirely possible that I missed something. But I wanted to get feedback on this approach and check if I should pursue further and work on tests.

This will break the build for anybody who worked around #3926 by removing the path from the calls to post_url, but it would be easy to adapt the regexp to match based on date and slug only.

@mlocher mlocher referenced this pull request in codeship/documentation May 7, 2016

Check for Jekyll deprecations #401

parkr commented May 10, 2016

@mlocher This is nice, thank you! Does this happen to break the build for anyone just doing a plain ol' {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %}?

mlocher commented May 11, 2016 edited

@parkr Thanks :)

This would not break builds for people not using subdirectories and referencing posts via {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %}, it would however break builds for people using subdirectories and not mentioning them in the call to post_url.

_posts/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
_posts/category/ and {% post_url category/2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
category/_posts/ and {% post_url category/2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
category/_posts/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👎
_posts/category/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👎

It would be easy to make the category optional (and allow the last two options) by extending the regular expression (and I'd be happy to prepare this).

I'd also be happy to start working on tests, if you're fine with the approach.

parkr commented May 17, 2016 edited

it would however break builds for people using subdirectories and not mentioning them in the call to post_url.

@mlocher Can we fall back to the old behaviour? We can't break sites until Jekyll 4... :/ A deprecation message would do fine but it should still Just Work ™️

mlocher commented May 18, 2016

@parkr Sorry, I was unclear, the call to {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} would still work via the deprecated_equality method (which I didn't touch) and I just added a test case to make sure the correct URL is generated and a Deprecation warning is shown in the log.

I tried to add a test case for linking to the category/2008-9-23-categories.markdown file as well, but anything outside of the _posts directory didn't get loaded into the Array during the tests. This works when running a standard jekyll build though.

  • ==
    • _posts/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
    • _posts/category/ and {% post_url category/2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
    • category/_posts/ and {% post_url category/2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
    • category/_posts/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👎
    • _posts/category/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👎
  • deprecated_equality
    • not called for 1 to 3
    • category/_posts/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👍
    • _posts/category/ and {% post_url 2010-02-02-hi %} 👍

Tests are missing for the two use cases referencing a post like category/_posts/

mlocher commented Jun 9, 2016

@parkr, I rebased on the latest master and pushed the changes again.

ayastreb commented Jul 14, 2016 edited

Hi @mlocher, are you still working on this PR?
Could you please fix those failing Rubocop errors? Most of them could by fixed by Rubocop itself I guess 😄
This will also fix #2681

mlocher added some commits May 7, 2016
@mlocher mlocher Fix #3926 post_url helper with sub-directories
Instead of matching the the value provided to `post_url` against
the basename, test against the relative path.

Updated the regexp to match both
  * _posts/category
  * category/_posts
@mlocher mlocher Add test case for deprecated post comparison
Checks that `post_url` works for nested posts even if the path isn't specified. Also checks that a deprecation message is shown in the build log.
@mlocher mlocher Fix Rubocop warnings 73223f3
mlocher commented Jul 14, 2016

@ayastreb thanks for pinging me :) I rebased the PR on the current master branch and fixed the Rubocop errors.

Let me know if this is ready now or if there is anything else I can help with.


Thanks, @mlocher!
I think @parkr needs to take a look once more and approve it, I just wanted to ping you 😄

parkr commented Jul 15, 2016

@mlocher When I said backwards-compatibility, that means we have to be able to just match the basename. If you say {% post_url 2016-01-01-hello-there %} it should match a category/_posts/ file as it does now. So you introduced a third way to match posts, which is arguably correct, but there is still a compatibility issue there.

@parkr parkr added the enhancement label Jul 15, 2016
mlocher commented Jul 15, 2016

@parkr It does. If you call {% post_url 2016-01-01-hello-there %} the render method will first check for a post that matches via the regex I adjusted.

If that fails and no post is found it will use deprecated_equality method, which does a check based on equality of post slug, year, month and date. (This is a part of the software that I didn't touch. I only added a test for the deprecation warning, that is already being printed on standard out.

parkr commented Jul 16, 2016

@mlocher We added path-based equality checking because the date-based equality checking varied based on the timezone your workstation was in. Paths made way more sense, of course, than trying to parse times. I'm concerned that this simple basename-based equality won't work in the situation I mentioned and I'm not sure I communicated that properly. I can write further tests to elaborate if you'd like.

mlocher commented Jul 19, 2016

@parkr, further tests or examples would be great. Right now, I get a deprecation warning for each use of post_url, that I can't get rid of other than excluding the path completely.

I fully understand the need to stay backwards compatible and not introduce breaking changes, so if you could provide me with either tests or a mapping of calls to post_url and filenames that should match, I'd be happy to make sure this PR conforms to those.

@parkr parkr added this to the 3.3 milestone Jul 25, 2016
mlocher commented Sep 21, 2016

I just noticed that the 3.3 milestone for this PR is coming up soon. I'd be happy to make further changes/add tests or anything else that's needed to get this ready.

And I wanted to say thank you for all the feedback and help with preparing this PR, you're doing an awesome job with maintaining Jekyll ❤️


Thanks, @mlocher! Please update the documentation in site/_docs/ and indicate what arguments are no longer acceptable. IIRC, this contains a slightly breaking change.

parkr commented Oct 4, 2016

@mlocher Releasing 3.3 tomorrow or Thursday. Let me know if you need any assistance getting those docs updated. Can't merge until corresponding documentation is also updated. 😄

mlocher commented Oct 5, 2016

@parkr sorry, work got in the way :(

I just checked the documentation, and actually it's already up to date. includes an example and mentions that users need to include the subdirectory in the call to post_url if posts on disk are organized in subdirectories

If you organize your posts in subdirectories, you need to include subdirectory path to the post:

Calls to post_url not including a subdirectory will match the same as without this PR. And the deprecated match based on dates & slug will be used if the regex based matcher doesn't find a post.

There are tests for all those situations as far as I can tell

parkr approved these changes Oct 5, 2016 View changes
@parkr parkr changed the title from Fix #3926 post_url helper with sub-directories to Fix bug where `post_url` tag matched incorrect post with subdirectory Oct 5, 2016
parkr commented Oct 5, 2016

@mlocher Thanks for that! I had it in my head that this was going to break sites.

@jekyllbot: merge +bug

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@mlocher mlocher deleted the mlocher:bug-post-url branch Oct 6, 2016
mlocher commented Oct 6, 2016

@parkr Thanks for merging and thanks so much for all the help and getting this ready :)

dotnil commented Nov 25, 2016

What about paths like category/_posts/dir/ I know it might be rare but it is not forbidden by Jekyll. I've got several sites use this structure to organize posts by year, such as creatives/_posts/2016/

mlocher commented Nov 28, 2016

@dotnil see the comment at #4873 (comment) for which URLs are tested.

Depending on who you link to that post, it might generate a deprecation warning, but the link will work.

dotnil commented Nov 29, 2016

Yes, my example isn't listed there. And I can confirm that with jekyll 3.3, there are deprecation warnings generated. So I'm wondering, should my example usage be allowed? If positive, I'm willing to suggest a pr.

mlocher commented Nov 29, 2016

Uh, sorry I missed the additional subdirectory in the path.

I can't tell for sure whether this structure is allowed or not. That said, Jekyll introduced a new link tag in #4624, which could at some point replace post_url completely and which works by specifying the file on disk instead.

dotnil commented Nov 30, 2016

Thanks @mlocher , link tag suffices :-)

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