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Update Dependencies in Readme, alphabetize #721

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see #714


What made you decide to alphabetize the dependencies? I am curious, since it's not a change I would have thought to make. :smile_cat:


In Gentoo's package format .ebuild it is common to order dependencies by alphabet. The listed deps didn't seem to have some special order or at least I didn't recognize it. :)

@mojombo mojombo merged commit a041d7a into jekyll:master
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Commits on Dec 31, 2012
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@@ -22,19 +22,20 @@ h2. Diving In
h2. Runtime Dependencies
-* RedCloth: Textile support (Ruby)
-* Liquid: Templating system (Ruby)
* Classifier: Generating related posts (Ruby)
-* Maruku: Default markdown engine (Ruby)
* Directory Watcher: Auto-regeneration of sites (Ruby)
+* Kramdown: Markdown-superset converter (Ruby)
+* Liquid: Templating system (Ruby)
+* Maruku: Default markdown engine (Ruby)
* Pygments: Syntax highlighting (Python)
h2. Developer Dependencies
-* Shoulda: Test framework (Ruby)
-* RR: Mocking (Ruby)
-* RedGreen: Nicer test output (Ruby)
* RDiscount: Discount Markdown Processor (Ruby)
+* RedCloth: Textile support (Ruby)
+* RedGreen: Nicer test output (Ruby)
+* RR: Mocking (Ruby)
+* Shoulda: Test framework (Ruby)
h2. License
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