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This fixes the issue with auto-generation triggering only on files in source directory and not subfolders.

Seeing how there have been multiple issues with auto-generation the last couple of weeks I would very much like this to be tested thoroughly before introducing a new bug.

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Would love to see this merged as Jekyll 1.0.0.beta2 starts acting crazy and gets stuck in a regeneration loop with the --watch flag on Windows 7.

I have switched to using rake, grunt, and live reload
watch and regenerate.

@mattr- I would love your feedback on this. Here is my repo

  • it is basically the rake file from octopress with some extra goodies for jekyll

Not sure, but it seems this contradicts PR #883 which prevents usage of directory_watcher >= 1.5.


I am aware of that PR. But maybe that issue was fixed in directory_watcher 1.5.1?

I'm going to investigate further because this auto-regeneration insanity really needs to be fixed!


The mentioned PR references TwP/directory_watcher#22:

1.5.1 doesn't work on Ubuntu

Judging from this issue, it doesn't seem to be fixed now either.

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We're going to sit on this until 1.5.1 is fixed.

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I'll close until we have a solution.

@parkr parkr closed this Apr 1, 2013
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