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@parkr parkr released this 14 Jul 17:55
· 9575 commits to master since this release

Major Enhancements

  • Add docs subcommand to read Jekyll's docs when offline. (#1046)
  • Support passing parameters to templates in include tag (#1204)
  • Add support for Liquid tags to post excerpts (#1302)

Minor Enhancements

  • Search the hierarchy of pagination path up to site root to determine template page for
    pagination. (#1198)
  • Add the ability to generate a new Jekyll site without a template (#1171)
  • Use redcarpet as the default markdown engine in newly generated
    sites (#1245, #1247)
  • Add redcarpet as a runtime dependency so jekyll build works out-of-the-box for new
    sites. (#1247)
  • In the generated site, remove files that will be replaced by a
    directory (#1118)
  • Fail loudly if a user-specified configuration file doesn't exist (#1098)
  • Allow for all options for Kramdown HTML Converter (#1201)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pagination in subdirectories. (#1198)
  • Fix an issue with directories and permalinks that have a plus sign
    (+) in them (#1215)
  • Provide better error reporting when generating sites (#1253)
  • Latest posts first in non-LSI related_posts (#1271)

Development Fixes

  • Merge the theme and layout cucumber steps into one step (#1151)
  • Restrict activesupport dependency to pre-4.0.0 to maintain compatibility with <= 1.9.2
  • Include/exclude deprecation handling simplification (#1284)
  • Convert README to Markdown. (#1267)
  • Refactor Jekyll::Site (#1144)

Site Enhancements

  • Add "News" section for release notes, along with an RSS feed (#1093, #1285, #1286)
  • Add "History" page.
  • Restructured docs sections to include "Meta" section.
  • Add message to "Templates" page that specifies that Python must be installed in order
    to use Pygments. (#1182)
  • Update link to the official Maruku repo (#1175)
  • Add documentation about paginate_path to "Templates" page in docs (#1129)
  • Give the quick-start guide its own page (#1191)
  • Update ProTip on Installation page in docs to point to all the info about Pygments and
    the 'highlight' tag. (#1196)
  • Run site/img through ImageOptim (thanks @qrush!) (#1208)
  • Added Jade Converter to site/docs/plugins (#1210)
  • Fix location of docs pages in Contributing pages (#1214)
  • Add ReadInXMinutes plugin to the plugin list (#1222)
  • Remove plugins from the plugin list that have equivalents in Jekyll
    proper (#1223)
  • Add jekyll-assets to the plugin list (#1225)
  • Add jekyll-pandoc-mulitple-formats to the plugin list (#1229)
  • Remove dead link to "Using Git to maintain your blog" (#1227)
  • Tidy up the third-party plugins listing (#1228)
  • Update contributor information (#1192)
  • Update URL of article about Blogger migration (#1242)
  • Specify that RedCarpet is the default for new Jekyll sites on Quickstart page (#1247)
  • Added site.pages to Variables page in docs (#1251)
  • Add Youku and Tudou Embed link on Plugins page. (#1250)
  • Add note that gist tag supports private gists. (#1248)
  • Add jekyll-timeago to list of third-party plugins. (#1260)
  • Add jekyll-swfobject to list of third-party plugins. (#1263)
  • Add jekyll-picture-tag to list of third-party plugins. (#1280)
  • Update the GitHub Pages documentation regarding relative URLs
  • Update the S3 deployment documentation (#1294)
  • Add suggestion for Xcode CLT install to troubleshooting page in docs (#1296)
  • Add 'Working with drafts' page to docs (#1289)