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commands Remove trailing whitespace
converters Merge pull request #3319 from jekyll/split-off-textile
tags highlight: fix problem with linenos and rouge.
cleaner.rb Finish of moving the unit tests over to Minitest
collection.rb Expose Publisher in Site
command.rb Implement more suggestions
configuration.rb Add configuration fallback for paginate, and fix tests.
converter.rb Rename the pygments option to highlighter
convertible.rb Move all regenerate? checking to Regenerator
deprecator.rb fix quote
document.rb Use end_with? instead of regexp for adding index.html
draft.rb Use site.in_source_dir as @mastahyeti suggested
entry_filter.rb Allow users to specify the log level via JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL.
errors.rb Put errors/exceptions into Jekyll::Errors module
excerpt.rb get procedure for default excerpt separator for both cases site and p…
external.rb Separate jekyll-docs out into a separate gem & bless it
filters.rb Start removing mentions of Textile.
frontmatter_defaults.rb Fixed typo [ci skip]
generator.rb Remove new lines between module and class
layout.rb Use site.in_source_dir
layout_reader.rb Only allow CWD _layouts outside of safe mode.
liquid_extensions.rb Add Jekyll::LiquidExtensions.lookup_variable
log_adapter.rb Initialize @messages at instantiation time.
mime.types sync mime types to GitHub
page.rb Use end_with? instead of regexp for adding index.html
plugin.rb Allow Convertibles to be converted by >= 1 converters.
plugin_manager.rb Put that Bundle.require statement back.
post.rb Use end_with? instead of regexp for adding index.html
publisher.rb add the Publisher class to handle publishing logic
regenerator.rb Rename Regenerator#write to Regenerator#write_metadata
related_posts.rb Move previous runtime dependencies to development dependencies.
renderer.rb Move all regenerate? checking to Regenerator
site.rb write .jekyll-metadata even on full_rebuild
static_file.rb Move all regenerate? checking to Regenerator
stevenson.rb Renaming LogWriter to LogAdapter and adding tests for class
url.rb Strip slashes on nil url tokens
utils.rb Use frozen regular expressions for Utils#slugify
version.rb Release :gem: v3.0.0.beta1
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