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commands pass build options into clean command
converters Santize @config['highlighter'] to only allow highlighters supported b…
liquid_renderer Remove unnecessary 'ensure' in LiquidRenderer
readers collections: posts as collection
tags Allow users to input multiple variables in include tag
utils Fix #3653: Add a doctor helper to test pwd's.
cleaner.rb Rename incremental regeneration flag
collection.rb added debug message to collection
command.rb Rename incremental regeneration flag
configuration.rb Rename incremental regeneration flag
converter.rb Rename the pygments option to highlighter
convertible.rb Fix #4066: Move Convertible#render_liquid to using render!
deprecator.rb Abort if no subcommand.
document.rb Make `:title` cased for backwards compability and add `:slug` for unc…
entry_filter.rb Allow users to specify the log level via JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL.
errors.rb Put errors/exceptions into Jekyll::Errors module
excerpt.rb collections: posts as collection
external.rb Separate jekyll-docs out into a separate gem & bless it
filters.rb Make `:title` cased for backwards compability and add `:slug` for unc…
frontmatter_defaults.rb Defaults: compare paths in applies_path? as Strings to avoid confusion
generator.rb Remove new lines between module and class
hooks.rb align hooks documentation and implementation
layout.rb Moved the in_(source/dest)_dir back to site.rb.
liquid_extensions.rb Add Jekyll::LiquidExtensions.lookup_variable
liquid_renderer.rb Add byte counter
log_adapter.rb Set logging to debug when verbose flag is set
mime.types add script to vendor mime types
page.rb Fix #4082: Allow users to use .htm and .xhtml (XHTML5.)
plugin.rb Allow Convertibles to be converted by >= 1 converters.
plugin_manager.rb Make _includes directory configurable; closes #2684
publisher.rb collections: posts as collection
reader.rb Add Document#method_missing and Collection#method_missing
regenerator.rb Fix #4075: Make sure that .jekyll-metadata is not generated when not …
related_posts.rb Add Document#method_missing and Collection#method_missing
renderer.rb collections: posts as collection
site.rb align hooks documentation and implementation
static_file.rb Adapt StaticFile for collections, config defaults
stevenson.rb Renaming LogWriter to LogAdapter and adding tests for class
url.rb Slightly speed up url sanitization and handle multiples of ///.
utils.rb Make `:title` cased for backwards compability and add `:slug` for unc…
version.rb Release :gem: 3.0.1
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