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History / Blog Migrations

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@parkr parkr Updated Blog Migrations (markdown) 7c0868f
@pcrumm pcrumm (Pedantically) Capitalize "WordPress" and "MySQL" properly 4b72171
@mhartl mhartl A Posterous API token is a required argument 4701bb3
@metamatt metamatt Don't pretend format is a named argument; it's not. 9d05ea0
@metamatt metamatt removed obsolete 'true' argument; removed link to fork that was merged; clarified dependencies f11a626
@coolaj86 coolaj86 link to in-progress blog post and youtube video 8a7b082
@coolaj86 coolaj86 added latest script 1d316a7
@kcargile kcargile Added reference to blogger2jekyll importer. 76d2597
@benbalter benbalter Added WordPress to Jekyll Exporter plugin b57468b
@djbender djbender To run the tumblr import, I also needed to install nokogiri gem. e29f342
@theaob theaob added wpXml2Jekyll to wordpress migration alternatives 0b9f2e0
@bakongo bakongo format postgres bit about moving from mephisto 7f05125
@bakongo bakongo add a command for moving stuff out of postgres (was in the code, but no docs for it) 063d88c
mshang Note hpricot dependency for wordpressdotcom.rb 00f5c2c
@duijf duijf Clear up newlines in the introduction. Change second Wordpress heading to h3. 26b0e04
@Heliosmaster Heliosmaster Revert 263c42c8f66f77218c1a64ffa1d6eb9228fe2837^ ... 263c42c8f66f77218c1a64ffa1d6eb9228fe2837 4c1b740
@Bamco Bamco Revert 453dacdfba39722cd4539d185caef5d1827ac225^ ... 453dacdfba39722cd4539d185caef5d1827ac225 263c42c
AdamN Added note about hostname gotcha when using an SSH tunnel c1ee8ab
@ludofleury ludofleury Revert 620ac9ad774784c791970640a0f393165128208b ... 36d74fe8e039a5e3ea05ad1e45ff3fbb6df802bf b7da6d8
@ludofleury ludofleury Destroyed Blog Migrations (markdown) 36d74fe
@juniorz juniorz Updated Blog Migrations (markdown) ed32596
@juniorz juniorz Updated Blog Migrations (markdown) 9c99c9c
KenanY Fix link to Posterous exporter 2f59186
@ngauthier ngauthier Updated Blog Migrations (markdown) 5547db6
@stephenmcd stephenmcd Fixed typo in URL. 8fc451d
@MichaelWhi MichaelWhi Revert 197613abc2f127c0e0de06478d56aa22dab636b5^ ... 197613abc2f127c0e0de06478d56aa22dab636b5 5ab3356
@MichaelWhi MichaelWhi Destroyed Blog Migrations (markdown) 197613a
@hypertexthero hypertexthero Updated Textpattern instructions noting that the command must be run from the folder above _import. 10a50ea
@stephenmcd stephenmcd Updated Blog Migrations (markdown) f22e353
hallison Parse from Textile to Markdown (flavored by Github) 47c3030
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