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@parkr parkr Updated Install (markdown) 4796b9f
@j0k3r j0k3r rollback to 81a5396 01ffe81
@justqyx justqyx Updated Install (markdown) 56a6040
@justqyx justqyx Updated Install (markdown) 74fc3da
@batigolix batigolix Updated Install (markdown) 81a5396
@cboettig cboettig escape redcarpet marks 087d1cc
@cboettig cboettig example of how Github Flavored Markdown's fenced code blocks (redcarpet) can also be used with pygments 78b0cfe
@alanwsmith alanwsmith Added details about the usage of Pygments so that people don't think it should work out of the box after just installing the executable. 0595c3f
@mattr- mattr- remove the open4 gem. it's no longer a dependency 82037c0
@neilgupta neilgupta Added command line tools for xcode note for OS X 4663f59
@tommorris tommorris Revert bceeb1c69be3fb179c910dfd2f288b8cecc32c1d ... facca376e228f046d7e0c3c9ae2b664e03ce25f1 on Install e463aac
unclepotap dfsgdg facca37
@snawaz snawaz Destroyed Install (markdown) d7f9838
@ewex ewex Updated Install (markdown) 5d57dc1
@dingzhihu dingzhihu Created Install (markdown) 07e1262
@ewex ewex Destroyed Install (markdown) 6ffeaee
@erinbrown erinbrown Revert 7fa9406a1b2f351cd6618a6f533b2feba53d5bfa^ ... 7fa9406a1b2f351cd6618a6f533b2feba53d5bfa bceeb1c
@sujitsagar sujitsagar Destroyed Install (markdown) 7fa9406
@robin850 robin850 Updated Install (markdown) df06c50
@jchapron jchapron Revert 493b17369df56fd08f55b66977208b3b942df1f0^ ... 493b17369df56fd08f55b66977208b3b942df1f0 a71b787
@jchapron jchapron Destroyed Install (markdown) 493b173
GlitchMr Updated Install (markdown) e2f21b4
@liancheng liancheng Revert to the revision edited by mgalgs. a282916
@xuyunan xuyunan Created Install (markdown) 1cc17c2
yanyucheng Destroyed Install (markdown) daf65c6
yanyucheng Created Install (markdown) 69d20e9
@wildchildEric wildchildEric Destroyed Install (markdown) db41a71
@wildchildEric wildchildEric Created Install (markdown) 44a1b63
@coogleyao coogleyao Destroyed Install (markdown) 8d247de
@mazj mazj Created Install (markdown) 40c104f
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