Markup Problems

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The various markup engines that Jekyll uses may have some issues. This page will document them to help others who may run into the same problems.


If your link has characters that need to be escaped, you need to use this syntax:

![Alt text]([Project]->[Task])

If you have an empty tag, i.e. <script src="js.js"></script>, Maruku transforms this into <script src="js.js" />. This causes problems in Firefox and possibly other browsers and is discouraged in XHTML. An easy fix is to put a space between the opening and closing tags.


Versions 4.1.1 and higher do not obey the notextile tag. This is a known bug and will hopefully be fixed for 4.2. You can still use 4.1.9, but the test suite requires that 4.1.0 be installed. If you use a version of RedCloth that does not have the notextile tag, you may notice that syntax highlighted blocks from Pygments are not formatted correctly, among other things. If you’re seeing this just install 4.1.0.


The latest version, version 2.0, seems to break the use of {{ in templates. Unlike previous versions, using {{ in 2.0 gives me:
'{{' was not properly terminated with regexp: /\}\}/ (Liquid::SyntaxError).