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GitHub-flavored Emoji plugin for Jekyll

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Add the following to your site's Gemfile

gem 'jemoji'

And add the following to your site's _config.yml

  - jemoji

💡 If you are using a Jekyll version less than 3.5.0, use the gems key instead of plugins.

In any page or post, use emoji as you would normally, e.g.

I give this plugin two :+1:!

Emoji images

For GitHub Pages sites built on, emoji images are served from the CDN, with a base URL of, which results in emoji image URLs like

On GitHub Enterprise installs, page builds receive the ASSET_HOST_URL environment variable, which contain a value like This results in emoji images for GitHub Pages sites built on a GitHub Enterprise install being served at URLs like


If you'd like to serve emoji images locally, or use a custom emoji source, you can specify so in your _config.yml file:

  src: "/assets/images/emoji"

See the Gemoji documentation for generating image files.