C++ Game Engine (DirectX) (WIP)
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Bombast Engine

C++ 3D Game Engine (DirectX) (WIP)

Jump straight to the Source!

Check out the Wiki for a more curated experience

Download a (psuedo) standalone version of a game here

Core Engine Dependencies:

  • zlib 1.2.8
  • rapidxml 1.13
  • lua-5.2.3

Optional Engine Dependencies:

  • PhysX 3.3.2 (Required to use PhysX as Physics Library. By Deafult PhysX is disabled, with BombastPhysics library enabled.)

Editor Dependencies

  • Qt 5.6 Beta

Note: Engine is being developed as techniques explored, so some features are being tacked on for my own exploration, even if may not fit nicely into the engine. Despite this, I will try to keep as structured as possible.

Many decisions were made for educational purposes rather than best practice (ex. near-exclusive use of naked pointers)