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Jelastic Managecat Add-on

This repository provides Managecat add-on for Jelastic Platform.

Managecat is an administration console platform to manage, monitor and troubleshoot Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE and all other Apache Tomcat based application servers.
Before ManageCat, there was no one platform solution to manage, monitor and Troubleshoot your Apache Tomcat application servers. Thus, it was not feasible to manage your environment. But now, with single solution, with single platform, it is very easy to manage your Apache Tomcat environment.

Type of nodes this add-on can be applied to:

  • Tomcat 8
  • Tomcat 7
  • Tomcat 6
  • TomEE

What it can be used for?

ManageCat has all the features to:

  1. Manage With ManageCat, you can manage all aspects of the Apache Tomcat:
    • Tomcat Configuration Files
    • Tomcat UserDatabase Realms
    • Multiple Server Deployment
    • Clustered Base Application Deployment
    • Web Application Management
    • Integration with JMX Server
    • Application Datasources
    • Create JDBC DataSources
    • Tomcat File System
    • JVM Startup Parameters and Environment Variables
  2. Monitor
    With ManageCat, you can monitor all aspects of the Apache Tomcat:
    • Real Time Server Monitoring
    • Live Charts
    • Server Metrics
    • Dashboards
    • Server Status Information
    • Tomcat Internal Components
    • Web Application Monitoring
    • JNDI Context Monitoring
  3. TroubleShoot
    With ManageCat, you can troubleshoot the problems easily when they occur in the Apache Tomcat:
    • Find Leaks
    • Platform MBeans
    • View Tomcat Runtime Threads
    • View Tomcat Logs
    • View System Logs
    • View Application Logs
    • Update Logger Levels
    • Metric Events and Alerts
    • Application ClassLoaders
    • Application Datasources


In order to get this solution instantly deployed, click the "Get It Hosted Now" button, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Jelastic Public Cloud providers and press Install.


To deploy this package to Jelastic Private Cloud, import this JPS manifest within your dashboard (detailed instruction).

For more information on what Jelastic add-on is and how to apply it, follow the Jelastic Add-ons reference.


Managecat has all the tools you need to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your Apache Tomcat instances in one view







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