NGINX Amplify addon for Jelastic PaaS
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NGINX Amplify Add-On

NGINX Amplify is a monitoring tool that provides comprehensive analytics of server state, its troubleshooting, customizable alerts on inappropriate metrics changes and corresponding recommendations, helping you to improve performance of your NGINX-based PHP & Ruby applications or load balancer.

With NGINX Amplify, you can monitor your application and proactively identify problems before they affect your users - namely, it allows to:

  • analyze configurations to get recommendations on possible improvements
  • aggregate metrics on CPU usage, traffic, HTTP errors, etc
  • get alerts if something goes wrong with the application delivery
  • plan capacities, required for your application

Note: This add-on can be applied only to the environments with NGINX web server or load balancer.

For more information about Jelastic Add-Ons and their usage, refer to the linked guide.

How to Install NGINX Amplify Add-On

Before installing the NGINX Amplify add-on, you need to create an account at official Amplify website and get your own API Key (from the either start page or account settings) for the proper monitoring integration.

Amplify Account Settings

If you don’t have an environment with NGINX instance yet, click the Deploy to Jelastic button below to automatically create such, with Amplify add-on being pre-installed to the NGINX-PHP application server.


In case you’d like to integrate this add-on into the existing environment, copy the link to manifest.jps from the repository file list above, enter your Jelastic dashboard and import the copied URL.

NGINX Amplify Install

Tip: Alternatively, you can locate and install this add-on within Jelastic Marketplace.

In the installation dialog box, provide the following details and click on Install:

  • API key - your Amplify account API key
  • Environment name - an environment the Amplify add-on should be installed to
  • Nodes - a target environment layer (with either NGINX-based compute node or load balancer) the add-on should be installed to; herewith, all nodes within a layer will be adjusted

When the installation is completed, go to your Amplify dashboard and wait a minute for the data on your NGINX instance(s) to be collected and visualized.

NGINX Amplify Monitoring

Now, at Amplify dashboard, you are able to monitor your server and proactively detect & fix issues, related to your NGINX-based PHP & Ruby applications or load balancer running and scaling. To find more information on Amplify usage and its capabilities, refer to the official documentation.