Cron-Based Scheduler for Automatic Environment Hibernation
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Environment Start/Stop Scheduler Add-On


The Env Start/Stop Scheduler add-on is intended to automatically shut down and relaunch an environment based on the prescribed timing instructions. The appropriate UTC-based timestamps (when the environment state should be switched) are defined with cron syntax. Such automated environment lifecycle management allows to cut spends on testing and dev projects by turning them off when no development is carried out (e.g. during nighttime).

The scheduler can be applied to any environment within your Jelastic Cloud account starting from 4.10 Platform version and is completely free to use.

For more information about Jelastic Add-Ons and their usage, refer to the linked guide.

How to Apply Environment Start/Stop Scheduling

Copy link to the manifest.jps file above and import it to your Jelastic dashboard (or, alternatively, locate and launch this package via Jelastic Marketplace).


Within the installation frame, specify the following data:

  • Stop / Start - cron trigger conditions, specified respectively to the UTC time zone (5 characters each); can be left blank to skip the corresponding action
  • Environment name - target environment that should be managed by add-on
  • Nodes - environment layer the add-on will be installed to; is fetched automatically upon selecting the environment and should be left unchanged

Note that the current scheduler implementation implies the complete stop of all containers in the destination environment (rather than container hibernation, which can be automatically interrupted upon any incoming request); thus, all the corresponding environment services will remain unavailable until it is launched again, either by the scheduler or manually.

Click Install to initiate the scheduler integration.

Managing Start/Stop Scheduler

In case you need to change the initial Stop and Start trigger conditions, click the Add-ons button next to the server it was installed to and select Configure at the appropriate scheduler plank (alternatively, the same could be applied with add-on re-installation).


In case this solution is not needed any more, use the menu at the top-right corner of the same plank to Uninstall it.

For more details and tips on Environment Start/Stop Scheduler usage, refer to the linked guide.