An easy, type-safe way to touch others' private parts. Just say please.
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What does Please do?

Sometimes we all want to touch eachothers' private parts. Java will let us, if we ask nicely. Please is a fledgling code-gen library that adds type-safety and convenience to the introspection operations required to gain access to private methods:

Foo foo = new Foo(); 
foo.somePrivateMethod(...)                // Compile error.

Please please = new Please();, the, usual, arguments);  // Success.

How can I make it work for me?

Just download the .jar, as well as the dependencies (currently just javassist and annovention: two standalone .jars).

Eclipse users

Add all three as references on your project's Build Path. Right-click on your project, and hit "Run as Java Application." Select the Generate entry point from Please's jar, and you're away. Just add the newly-created gen folder as a Class Folder in your Build Path. Add the @Expose annotation to a class and re-run Generate to have it generator the appropriate introspections; you must to this with every new class you want to use Please with.

Non-eclipse users

I imagine you can just add the appropriate jars to your classpath in ant and you're away. If someone can let me know how this works, I'd be very greatful (and will update the documentation).