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richobject provides a spring-data repository for constructing repositories that provide rich objects, with dependency-injected collaborators that allow them to take part in the full range of object-oriented interactions.


Technologies like JPA, JAXB, and friends all make it very easy to turn our objects into something we can send on the wire, or put in a database, or otherwise represent in a remotely-recreatable-form. The problem is that they also teach us the bad habit of making bare-bones value objects, that are easy to serialize, but don't actually do anything. As a result, we build systems whose domain-layer consists of a group of "service" singletons, which pass around data-objects. We engage in data-oriented programming.


The tests wire up a functioning TestDomainObjectRepository, which is backed by a persistent JPA entity. Take a look in RichRepositoryConfiguration to see how to wire up a richobject repository - note that:

  • richobject assumes your persistence layer is backed by a jpa-repository
  • You will need to provide an appropriate @Scope("prototype") bean for rich-object to be able to provide instances of your domain class.


Maven is the build-system of choice. Note that some tests are written with scala-test, so maven will grab the scala-maven-plugin for you.