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jForms is a form system which makes easier the creation of forms. Forms are described in an XML file, and used throughout an API and template-plugins. it allows you to automatically :
* generate the HTML form, by displaying required fields, help etc, and in a flexible manner
* display labels in an accessible manner;
* generate javascript validation script;
* validate data in the server side
* display verbose error-reporting and helper messages,
* manage several instances of a form at the same time - allowing to edit several records at the same time,
* initialize a form from one or several DAO's data (with inputs, listbox, radios etc ...),
* save data with DAOs,
* save uploaded files.
* generate other types of forms (with ajax, XForms etc ...) using some jforms plugins
* support complex field like native captcha-fields, Wysiwyg editing field, groups, complex choices and so on..
* modify dynamically the form (add, remove, modify some controls)
jForms includes three distinct parts:
* [[jforms/xml|XML files]] describing the forms,
* server-side API to [[jforms/usage|manage a form and it's data]],
* template plugins to [[jforms/display|display an instance of a form]].
jForms generates an object (which inherits from jFormsBase) from the XML description, allowing to initialize the form's contents, to save it, to add/remove some controls etc ... The object contains all the input in it's properties.
The jForms object is also used by template-plugins to display the appropriate HTML elements.
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