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+What is Jelix?
+Jelix is an open-source framework for PHP5.
+It has a modular, extensible architecture. Applications based on Jelix are made with modules,
+which allow to reuse features in several projects.
+For more informations, read
+Sources in the repository are not useable directly. You must "build" jelix.
+But it's certainly better for you to download a package containing Jelix ready to use.
+See [the download page](
+Jelix is compatible only with PHP 5.2 or more.
+Read [the first chapter of the manual to install Jelix and to create an application](
+Documentation and community
+You have a full manual to learn Jelix. You can read it [direcly on the website](,
+or you can [download the PDF edition](
+You can ask your questions [on the forum]( or
+on our IRC Channel, #jelix, on the network.

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