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Testapp is a web application used to test Jelix. It contains some pages where you can try some features, and some unit tests.

A Vagrant configuration is given to execute testapp in an preconfigured environment with all needed tools. You just have to install VirtualBox or Vagrant on your computer.

Sources of testapp

It's better to clone the git repository from to retrieve testapp source files.

You can also retrieve a zip package of testapp available on, but you have also to install a Jelix archive to install Jelix libraries. If you choose this method, be sure that the testapp folder is at the same level of the lib folder of Jelix.

Testapp with Vagrant

  • install Virtual box and Vagrant
  • go into the testapp directory and launch the vagrant virtual machine
cd testapp
vagrant up

It will create a virtual machine with all needed software for tests: mysql, postgresql, redis, apache, php, phpunit, Composer etc.

It can take time the first time. It depends of your internet connection.

When the "Done" message appears, and if there are no errors, Testapp is ready. Go on http://localhost:8020/ to see the app and launch Simpletests unit tests.

You have also phpmyadmin : http://localhost:8020/phpmyadmin/ (login:root, password: jelix)

To shutdown the virtual machine, type

vagrant halt

You can also add in your hosts file a declaration of the testapp.local domain  testapp.local

And then use http://testapp.local:8020/ instead of http://localhost:8020/

Running tests in Vagrant

After installing Testapp, you can run tests on Jelix with Testapp.

  • go into the testapp directory and launch the vagrant virtual machine
  vagrant up
  • go into this vm
  vagrant ssh

If you wrote new install or migration scripts, you can run the installer/updater

cd /jelixapp/_build/testapp/install
php installer.php

Finally, to launch tests:

  cd /jelixapp/testapp/tests-jelix/

To reinstall testapp in Vagrant

During development, it may appears that testapp is completely broken. You can reinstall it without recreating the whole vm.

Follow these instructions:

# connection into the vm
vagrant ssh
# in the vm, go into the right directory and lanch the script which reset all things
cd /jelixapp/testapp/vagrant/

Full Reinstall

You should destroy the vm:

cd testapp
vagrant destroy

Then you can follow instruction to install testapp. See above.

Installation of testapp without Vagrant

  • Install Composer
  • Install a web server (Apache or Nginx) + php module or php-fpm + mysql
  • download and install a "developer" edition of Jelix
  • move the testapp directory at the same level of the lib/ directory of jelix.
  • in the testapp/ directory, launch composer to install dependancies (phpunit..)
  composer install
  • create a database in mysql
  • rename testapp/var/config/profiles.ini.php.dist to testapp/var/config/profiles.ini.php
  • configure parameters in profiles.ini.php:
    • section jdb:testapp and jdb:testapp_mysqli for mysql,
    • section jdb:testapppdo if you have pdo extension
    • section jdb:testapp_pgsql if you have postgresql sql don't touch other "jdb" sections !
  • configure other section in profiles.ini.php: "jkvdb:", "jcache:", "jsoapclient:"
  • if you have specific configuration setting, set them into a testapp/var/config/localconfig.ini.php instead of modifying testapp/app/config/mainconfig.ini.php
  • put write access for apache on testapp/temp/, testapp/var/log/ and testapp/var/mails
  • run the script in install/installer.php cd testapp/install && php installer.php
  • configure your web server to access to testapp/www with a browser
  • you can then run testapp in your browser

To launch tests, go into tests-jelix and run phpunit.

cd testapp/tests-jelix/
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