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Crash reporter for OS X, forked from to add support for 10.6 and newer.

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CMCrashReporter is a group of classes, special designed for Mac applications.

CMCrashReporter collects crash-reports and send those to a server of the developer, in stead of Apple.

CMCrashReporter is free and opensource. You can edit CMCrashReporter if wanted. If you find some bugs or have some feature requests, please email us at so we can update CMCrashReporter.


CMCrashReporter is developed by:

  • Jelle De Laender -
  • Pieter Omvlee for GUI support (
  • Ger Teunis - made changes for 10.6+ (


CMCrashReporter is compatible with Snow Leopard and up


IMPORTANT: Link 'AddressBook.framework' (available on the Mac-computer self) to your project, since this CMCrashReporter is using this.

  1. Link the classes and the nib-file to your project.
  2. link the addressbook.framework to your project (available on Mac OS Library)
  3. At your main-class (preferable AppDelegate) import CMCrashReporter.h and call [CMCrashReporter check].

A good place to call this method is in -(void)applicationDidFinishLaunching: in your app delegate

App Settings (info.plist)

HTTP-Path to commit the logs to (String, as POST-Data)


Max number of crashlogs to be sent (Int, optional)


Settings (Preferences)

It's possible to let your users have a choice to submit reports, or just ignore them. Create a NSCheckbox and link this to NSUserDefaults with 'CMCrashReporterIgnoreCrashes' as key.

Let the user ignore crashreports (BOOL)

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