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Jelly's Utils

This git repo contains various scripts I wrote.

  • flashvideo: plays a flash video loaded in firefox with mplayer
  • moonlight2mplayer: play moonlight video loaded in firefox with mplayer
  • a script to start mplayer on my TV instead of my dual monitor setup
  • SeperateX: creates a seperate X session for games
  • python3 script that shows how much of the archlinux repository's is signed ( needs pyalpm)
  • vacuum: cleanup sqlite db of firefox
  • diffaur: diff local AUR folder with AUR website
  • termcolor: show 256 colors

Archlinux Scripts

Both oldbugs and unassignedbugs are two python scripts that are usefull for bug assigning work. The first script mails me a list of bugs that are openend since a custom date. This date can be defined in config.cfg, default_config.cfg is an example config file.

Unassignedbugs, is a script that emails me all the unassigned bugs on Archlinux's bugtracker.

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