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WIP 7.5" e-ink weater, news and more status display
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7.5" E-ink home status display

Work in progress e-ink home status display, showing news, weather information and hopefully soon much more. Updates in ~ 45 seconds with network requests on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.


  • python3
  • python3-pillow
  • python3-rpi.gpio

For the display functionality:

  • fonts-roboto
  • python3-requests
  • python3-feedparser

SPI has to be enabled on the Raspberry Pi, follows the steps on the website.

Vendored font in the repo is weather-icons.


Copy the sample to statusdisplay.cfg and configure the options.


The API is used for obtaining the current weather and forecast. The configuration file requires weather code which can be obtained by browsing to buienradar. Open your browsers development tools and select the network panel, select your city and look for the request where 2757345 is the code required in the configuration file.


The default news RSS feed is, in theory any other newsfeed can be used since only the title is used to display the news items.

Public Transport

9292ov's API is used to display departure times from a configured stop, the stop id can figured out by querying the 9292ov api with a search string for example "Delft". Request and select for example delft/bus-tramhalte-station-delft as id in statusdisplay.cfg.


This depends on a newer spi-dev then is available in Debian, to compile and run follow the following steps:

apt install python3-dev
git clone
cd py-spidev
make PYTHON=python3
PYTHONPATH=/home/pi/py-spidev/lib/ python3


The Raspberry Pi Zero W and E-ink panel where integrated in an Ikea RIBBA frame of 13x18 cm. e-ink ribba ikea

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