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SHA2017 Badage Weather Forecast App
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SHA2017 Badge Weather Status App

This App displays the weather outlook for the next 5 days using the buienradar weather API.


The app uses a buienradar specific location code which you'll need to obtain for your own location. This can be done via the following url where you replace Delft with your own location.

Returned is a JSON object which contains possibly multiple objects for your location, get the correct location and extract the number id from the 'uri' value.


Installation can be achieved with mpfshell.

  1. Connect the badge
  2. Open a serial connection and import shell
  3. Close the connection
  4. Start mpfshell

In mpfshell:

  1. open ttyUSB0
  2. cd /lib
  3. md weekweather
  4. cd weekweather
  5. mput .*.py
  6. mput .*.json
  7. exit
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