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When you receive e-mails with links to images Zarafa WebApp is not following these links for users safety. This security-feature is not very convenient for end-users as beautiful layouted e-mails may look kind of messed up without images. So users can add senders of e-mails to a “safesenders”-list. If the sender is found on this list, WebApp will automatically follow the links to pictures and directly display the e-mail in the expected layout.

While users can be added by 2 mouse-clicks to the “safesenders”-list, it is not so easy to remove them from the list again. This plugin adds a widget to the mail settings which shows an dialog listing all e-mail-addresses in the list. Here you can remove e-mail-addresses added by accident to the list.


  1. Download this whole project (deployed tarball)
  2. Extract contents of this plugin to /plugins/safesenders directory (usually /usr/share/zarafa-webapp/plugins)
  3. Give read permissions to apache for /plugins/safesenders directory
  4. Restart apache, reload webapp.