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Jellyfin Build Infrastructure

This repository contains a unified build infrastructure, written in Python 3, for the Jellyfin project. It can be used to clone down, build, and release (to the server of your choosing) the various packages and components of Jellyfin.

This infrastructure is not 100% complete. Currently it's able to build:

  • The main Jellyfin server by wrapping its BASH build script. This includes the Jellyfin WebUI as an integrated submodule.
  • The Jellyfin Android and AndroidTV apps by wrapping their BASH build scripts.
  • The Jellyfin Debian/Ubuntu FFMPEG by wrapping its BASH build script.
  • Various Jellyfin plugins, described in projects_manifest.yaml, including their plugin repository metadata.

This project is primarily created and maintained by Joshua Boniface to facilitate making official Jellyfin releases as well as test various development efforts. Feedback is welcome but this must always conform to its primary usecase.


Every project build by this infrastructure requires:

  1. An entry in the projects_manifest.yaml file.
  2. A build.yaml configuration inside the target repository.

All officially supported repositories will have these configurations. To add your own, see the various build.yaml.*.sample files in this repository, copy one into your repository, then submit a pull request.

As a user of this infrastructure, you should note:

  1. The repositories under the projects/ directory are safe to develop in, and in fact is designed to facilitate organizing them for heavy, multi-repository contributors.
  2. If you have existing repositories, you may move them directly to the required location and use them immediately.


  1. Clone this project onto your system.

  2. Install the required Python yaml dependency via your package manager of choice.

  3. Install Docker, as this is used by many of the automated build setups.

  4. Install the Microsoft .NET Core SDK for your system.

  5. Initialize one or more projects.

  6. Build the projects.

Usage Examples

Obtain a full help:

./ -h

List the available projects and their type:

./ --list-projects

Clone a copy of all projects into the projects/ directory:

./ --clone-only all

Clone only the plugins category:

./ --clone-only plugins

Build a single plugin, outputting the resulting binary packages into the bin/ directory:

./ jellyfin-plugin-anime

The resulting full plugin manifest is in bin/plugin_manifest.json. Output ZIP packages are in bin/jellyfin-plugin-anime/.

Build the Jellyfin server package for Debian, from the master branch:

./ server debian-package-x64

Build the Jellyfin server packages for all supported architectures and systems, from the v10.2.2 tag:

pushd projects/server/jellyfin
git checkout tags/v10.2.2
git submodule update --init
./ server all

Note that the script uses the current active branche of the project under the projects/ directory.

Build the Jellyfin Android debug APK:

./ jellyfin-android debug
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