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Getting Help

Getting Help

If you are having trouble using or configuring Jellyfin, there are several ways to get help. Please ensure you read our Community Standards before interacting in any of the following locations.

  • The Jellyfin Matrix channels: For chat and real-time discussions.

    • All channels are bridged to IRC and Discord.
  • The Jellyfin subreddit: For general discussions.

We are also active on social media.

Matrix Channels

  • jellyfin: General chat related to the project
  • jellyfin-announce: Announcements for releases and other important information
  • jellyfin-troubleshooting: User troubleshooting
  • jellyfin-dev: Main room for development communication
  • jellyfin-dev-client: Client and Web development
  • jellyfin-dev-android: Android, Android TV and Fire TV development
  • jellyfin-dev-ios: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS development
  • jellyfin-dev-python: Python development
  • jellyfin-dev-roku: Roku development
  • jellyfin-offtopic: Chat about anything

IRC Channels

All channels are bridged from Matrix to for convenience.

  • #jellyfin
  • #jellyfin-announce
  • #jellyfin-troubleshooting
  • #jellyfin-dev
  • #jellyfin-dev-client
  • #jellyfin-dev-android
  • #jellyfin-offtopic


For convenience, we have a Discord server that is bridged to the chats above. Note that Matrix is still the preferred chat platform, and Discord messages may be missed due to bridge instability.

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