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Jellyfin Mobile

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Jellyfin Mobile is a mobile app built with Expo primarily targeting iOS devices. We welcome all contributions and pull requests! If you have a larger feature in mind please open an issue so we can discuss the implementation before you start. We use GitHub Projects as a general roadmap for releases.


Translations can be improved very easily from our Weblate instance. Look through the following graphic to see if your native language could use some work!

Detailed Translation Status

Build Process

Getting Started

  1. Clone or download this repository.

    git clone
    cd jellyfin-expo
  2. Install build dependencies using npm in the project directory.

    npm install
  3. Start the build tools.

    npm start
  4. Follow the directions in the terminal or browser window to open on a device or emulator.


What is the difference between this and other Jellyfin app projects?

App Name Status Platforms Description
Jellyfin Mobile ✅ Active iOS, iPadOS The app in this repository. It is a web wrapper based on Expo (React Native) with some native enhancements. It is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
Swiftfin ✅ Active iOS, iPadOS, tvOS Swiftfin is a modern video client. Designed in Swift to maximize direct play with the power of VLC and look native on all classes of Apple devices. The beta is available on the App Store.
Jellyfin Player iOS ❌ Archived iOS, iPadOS An effort to create a media playback app in native Swift. It only supported media playback. This project has been archived as there was no interest for maintaining it.
Jellyfin React Client ❌ Archived iOS, iPadOS An early project to create a single multiplatform app based on React Native. This project has been archived as we have changed direction to utilize native web wrappers on most platforms.