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Jellyfin for Kodi

A whole new way to manage and view your media library.

The Jellyfin for Kodi add-on combines the best of Kodi - ultra smooth navigation, beautiful UIs and playback of any file under the sun, and Jellyfin - the most powerful open source multi-client media metadata indexer and server. You can now retire your MySQL setup in favor of a more flexible setup.

Synchronize your media on your Jellyfin server to the native Kodi database, browsing your media at full speed, while retaining the ability to use other Kodi add-ons to enhance your experience. In addition, you can use any Kodi skin you'd like!


The add-on supports a hybrid approach. You can decide which Jellyfin libraries to sync to the Kodi database. Other libraries and features are accessible dynamically, as a plugin listing.

  • Library types available to sync:
    • Movies and sets
    • TV shows
    • Music videos
    • Music
  • Other features supported:
    • Simple Live TV presentation
    • Home Videos & photos
    • Playlists
    • Theme media
  • Direct play and transcode
  • A 2-way watched and resume state between your server and Kodi. This is a near instant feature.
  • Remote control your Kodi; send play commands from your Jellyfin web client or Jellyfin mobile apps.
  • Extrafanart (rotating backgrounds) for skins that support it
  • Offer to delete content after playback
  • Backup your Jellyfin Kodi profile (Create and restore from backup )
  • and more...

Install Jellyfin for Kodi

  1. Install Jellyfin for Kodi from zip.
  2. Within a few seconds you should be prompted for your server-details.
  3. Once you're succesfully authenticated with your Jellyfin server, the initial sync will start.
  4. The first sync of the Jellyfin server to the local Kodi database may take some time depending on your device and library size.
  5. Once the full sync is done, you can browse your media in Kodi, and syncs will be done automatically in the background.

Known limitations

  • Chapter images are missing unless native playback mode is used.
  • Certain add-ons that depend on seeing where your content is located will not work unless native playback mode is selected.