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Jellyfin 10.4.1

Stable hotfix release for 10.4.Z release branch.

New Features and Major Improvements


Important Release Notes

  • [all] The way the base URL was configured in 10.4.0 did not work properly, causing API-related issues including failing to save settings. This has been fixed in this release and this functionality is now implemented in the conventional way (all API endpoints and pages are now under the base URL, including redirects from the root). However, this fix results in a change to the way Jellyfin is accessed when upgraded from 10.4.0 due to a change in the default value. See below for a more detailed explanation and workaround/correction. We apologize for the inconvenience of this.
  • [centos] CentOS packages should be available again after failing in the 10.4.0 release.
  • [fedora] COPR support should be available again after failing in the 10.4.0 release.
  • [windows] The NSSM installer has been tweaked further, including integrating a tray icon for Jellyfin when not running as a service. This should help users who do not wish to use a service-based install due to the limitations outlined in the 10.4.0 release notes.
  • [ubuntu] Ubuntu Xenial is not compatible with Jellyfin 10.4.0 or 10.4.1 .deb due to SSL version incompatibilities. The recommended workarounds are: (a) backporting libssl1.1 from Bionic to Xenial, (b) using Docker, (c) upgrading to Ubuntu Bionic (or newer).

Base URL change

The original implementation of this functionality in 10.4.0 added /jellyfin as the default base URL, but due to the changes in #1863, this will now be taken as an absolute base URL for the instance, which is was not before. This means that all Jellyfin instances upgraded from 10.4.0 to 10.4.1 will now default to the path http://myserver:8096/jellyfin/ instead of the expected path http://myserver:8096/. Clients including Android and AndroidTV require this base URL to match with the entered URL (i.e. the /jellyfin component must be present in the configured URL). The workaround to this is to remove the base URL value immediately after installing 10.4.1 if you're upgrading from 10.4.0. Note that direct upgrades from versions previous to 10.4.0, to 10.4.1, do not require any workarounds and the new default value is populated with the empty value as expected.

Of course, you're also free to retain this new base URL if you wish - just ensure you update the connection URL in any clients you use to include it, and ensure your reverse proxy configuration handles this (our defaults from the documentation will).

We debated including this workaround as part of a post-install migration within packages, but felt that this would cause too many complications and require too much work across 10+ different packaging formats, and as such server administrators must perform this mitigation themselves if they do not wish to use the /jellyfin base URL. We apologize for this inconvenience. The steps to perform this are as follows (NOTE: You can do this before upgrading to 10.4.1 as well):

From the WebUI

  1. Don't try to use Jellyfin at the new base URL; head straight to the admin dashboard. The default / URL should redirect you automatically to the new base URL, though note that this may cache the redirect in your browser.
  2. Go to "Networking" on the left sidebar, under the "Advanced" menu heading.
  3. Scroll down to "Base URL:".
  4. Remove the text from this field, i.e. /jellyfin, and click "Save".
  5. Restart the server.
  6. Close any active sessions; they will no longer be valid. You may also need to clear your cache history for the site if the redirect was saved.
  7. Visit Jellyfin at your original URL again.

From the CLI

  1. Stop the Jellyfin process.
  2. Find and open system.xml in the Jellyfin configuration directory (e.g. /etc/jellyfin/system.xml on Debuntu).
  3. Find the entry <BaseUrl>.
  4. Replace the entire line, i.e. <BaseUrl>/jellyfin</BaseUrl>, with <BaseUrl/>.
  5. Start the Jellyfin process.


GitHub Project:


  • #1954 Use mirror for NSSM
  • #1933 Reload logging.json on changes
  • #1909 Fix System.NullReferenceException when playing Dvds copied to HDD
  • #1904 Switch ffmpeg to hls muxer (from segment) to fix premature stop on non-patched ffmpeg
  • #1903 Update NSIS Installer
  • #1898 Fix Json serialization error
  • #1870 Fix exception when handling error, log errors better
  • #1866 Change slow query time logging to debug
  • #1863 Fix inconsistent BaseUrl behavior
  • #1862 Fix bump_version for submodule removal
  • #1861 Use NVM to install nodejs v8 and yarn for CentOS
  • #1859 Fix COPR build and Fedora packaging

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