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This is a deploy server written in Go that makes deploying projects simple.

How does it work?

This uses webhooks to know when a change has been made to a project. Once the server is notified by the webhook, it will pull the latest code from the repository (e.g. GitHub). This deploy server also allows users to configure a list of Bash commands to be executed post-pull. More information about custom commands can be found in the projects.json.example file.

Installation + Usage

  • Get the latest release.
  • Fill .env.example with your information and rename the file to .env.
  • Fill projects.json.example with your projects and rename the file to projects.json.
  • Run the binary. It is a good idea to run it with GNU Screen or tmux so it keeps running even after you exit the terminal.

It is important to note this has only been tested on Linux, there is no guarantee it will work on other operating systems.

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