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contrib Remove python3 special casing.
tests Groovy context manager Start on 0.10.2. Port the minimal needed to get the test suite to run in python3.
_diff_tree.c Fix _merge_entries on pypy.
_objects.c py3k: These need to return a value since in Py3k they're no longer void
_pack.c Raise ApplyDeltaError from dulwich._pack. SubprocessGitClient: fixed git argv list for Popen Convert repo to python3. Remove python3 special casing. Update some copyright headers. Remove long lines. Make _fancy_rename private, and only use it on Windows. Remove python3 special casing. Fix running hooks on windows with unicode repo paths. Allow passing in fs encoding to _fs_to_tree_path. Add logging utilities and server logging. Remove dulwich._py3_compat. Switched `default_local_git_client_cls` to `LocalGitClient`. Revert "Change the way methods that take a path argument behave." Support python3 in objectspec. Rewrite PackData._follow_chain to iterate rather than recurse. Support python3 in dulwich.patch. porcelain: add ls-remote equivalent using client.get_refs Add definition for 'quiet' capability. Encode with filesystemencoding. Hopeful for Windows compat fix off-by-one depth bug in serving shallow clones
stdint.h build_ext now works with MSVC; added "special" header stdint… Convert repo to python3. Support python3 in web.
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