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.TH SVP "1" "February 2019" "svp 0.0.1" "User Commands"
svp \- create and manage changes to VCS repositories
svp [\-h] [\-\-version] {run,hosters,login,proposals} ...
Silver-Platter makes it possible to contribute automatable changes to source
code in a version control system.
It automatically creates a local checkout of a remote repository,
make user-specified changes, publish those changes on the remote hosting
site and then creates a pull request.
In addition to that, it can also perform basic maintenance on branches
that have been proposed for merging - such as restarting them if they
have conflicts due to upstream changes.
.B svp run [\-\-refresh] [\-\-label LABEL] [\-\-name NAME] [\-\-mode {push,attempt\-push,propose}] [\-\-commit-pending {auto,yes,no}] [\-\-dry\-run] url script
Make a change by running a script. \fBURL\fR should be the URL of a repository
to make changes to. Script will be run in a checkout of the URL, with the
opportunity to make changes. Depending on the specified mode, the changes will
be committed and pushed back to the repository at the original URL or proposed
as a change to the repository at the original URL. svp will exit 0 if no
changes have been made, 1 if at least one repository has been changed and 2 in
case of trouble.
.B svp hosters
Display known hosting sites.
.B svp login BASE-URL
Log into a new hosting site.
.B svp proposals [\-\-status {open,merged,closed}]
Print URLs of all proposals of a specified status that are owned by the current user.
.SS "optional arguments:"
\fB\-h\fR, \fB\-\-help\fR
show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
At the moment \fBGitHub\fR, \fBLaunchpad\fR and any instances of \fBGitLab\fR
are supported.
.B svp login \fB\fR
Log in to GitHub
.B svp hosters
List all known hosting sites
.B svp proposals --status merged
List all merged proposals owned by the current user.
.B svp run --mode=attempt-push \fBgit://\fR \fB./\fR
Run the script \fB./\fR in a checkout of the Dulwich repository.
Any changes the script makes will be pushed back to the main repository
if the current user has the right permissions, and otherwise they
will be proposed as a pull request.
\&\fIdebian-svp\fR\|(1), \&\fIgit\fR\|(1), \&\fIbrz\fR\|(1)
GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.
Jelmer Vernooij <>