This is a mod for Factorio that adds recipes to upgrade all burner stage machines to their next tier machine
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This mod adds recipes and technologies to convert most burner stage machines to their electric counterparts(exept for stone to steel furnaces)

Recipes added

  • Burner to electric inserter
    • Ingredients: 1 burner inserter, 1 green circuit
    • Available: from the start
  • Burner to electric mining drill
    • Ingredients: 1 burner mining drill, 2 iron gear, 7 iron plates, 3 green circuits
    • Result: 1 electric mining drill, 1 stone furnace
    • Available: from the start
  • Stone to steel furnace
    • Ingredients: 1 stone furnace, 6 steel plates, 9 stone bricks
    • Available: Advanced material processing
  • Steel to electric furnace
    • Ingredients: 1 steel furnace, 4 steel plates, 5 red circuits
    • Available: Advanced material processing 2