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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import FreeCAD
import Draft
import importSVG"C:/Users/jelson/home/mohai/base/Medallion Face Template Rev B.FCStd")
doc = App.getDocument("Medallion_Face_Template_Rev_B")
# Compute list of objects in the doc before importing the SVG
beforeList = []
for obj in doc.Objects:
# Insert the SVG
curvesToEmboss = []
for obj in doc.Objects:
if not obj.Label in beforeList:
# Create a fusion of all paths
fused_paths = doc.addObject("Part::MultiFuse", "fused-paths")
fused_paths.Shapes = curvesToEmboss
extrusion = doc.addObject("Part::Extrusion", "extrusion")
extrusion.Base = fused_paths
extrusion.DirMode = "Normal"
extrusion.DirLink = None
extrusion.LengthFwd = 0.4
extrusion.LengthRev = 0.0
extrusion.Solid = True
extrusion.Reversed = False
extrusion.Symmetric = False
extrusion.TaperAngle = 0.0
extrusion.TaperAngleRev = 0.0
fused_paths = doc.addObject("Part::MultiFuse", "fused-paths")
fused_paths.Shapes = [extrusion, doc.Body]
# Convert each curve to a sketch, deleting the sketches along the way
#for curve in curvesToEmboss:
# curveObj = doc.getObjectsByLabel(curve)
# sketches.append(Draft.makeSketch(curveObj, autoconstraints=True, delete=True))
#merged = doc.addObject('Sketcher::SketchObject', 'merged-sketch')
#for sketch in sketches:
# if hasattr(sketch, 'Geometry'):
# for geo in sketch.Geometry:
# merged.addGeometry(geo)
# doc.removeObject(sketch.Label)
#emb = doc.Body.newObject("PartDesign::Pad", "embossed-drawing")
#emb.Profile = merged
#emb.Length = 0.8