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MorpherJS is an JavaScript image morphing library. It uses HTML 5 canvas element.

I've extracted it from my FruitLabour project, which allows you to mix fruits and create new species.

MorpherJS comes along with GUI which helps you to configure your own Morpher instance (add images, define geometry, etc.).


  • Unlimited images count — use as many as you need,
  • Custom blend functions,
  • Animation with jQuery easing support.


  • Use GUI to configure your own morpher,

  • Export JSON code with your configuration,

  • Include morpher.js file on your page,

  • Create Morpher instance:

      var json = {}; // the code you've exported from the GUI
      var morpher = new Morpher(json);
  • Add morpher's canvas to the DOM:

  • Animate it!

      morpher.set([1, 0]);
      morpher.animate([0, 1], 200);

Check out demos page for an inspiration.


You can listen to events using typical on and off methods:

    var morpher = new Morpher(/* some JSON */);
    morpher.on("load", function(morpher, canvas) {
        // do something
  • load: (morpher, canvas) – all images are loaded and ready to morph
  • change: (morpher, canvas) – any change in geometry happened
  • draw: (morpher, canvas) – new frame (image) was drawn
  • resize: (morpher, canvas) – canvas was resized
  • animation:start: (moprher)
  • animation:complete: (moprher)
  • image:add: (morpher, image)
  • image:remove: (morpher, image)
  • point:add: (morpher)
  • point:remove: (morpher)
  • triangle:add: (morpher)
  • triangle:remove: (morpher)


Copyright (c) 2012 Paweł Bator. MIT License, see LICENSE for details.