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History rollback for rails_admin with paper_trail
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Rails Admin History Rollback

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RailsAdmin extension for enabling users to easily visualise and revert their history audit created by the PaperTrail gem.


To enable rails_admin_history_rollback, add the following to your Gemfile ensuring it is added after rails_admin:

gem 'rails_admin'
gem 'rails_admin_history_rollback'

It should go without saying that this plugin also requires the paper_trail gem.

E.g. gem 'paper_trail'


Simply enable paper_trail on your model --with-changes --with-associations and set up as usual by following the paper_trail instructions.

rails generate paper_trail:install --with-changes --with-associations

In the rails_admin.rb initializer, uncomment the following lines to enable auditing:



You may also need to require "paper_trail" in application.rb

As pointed out in issue #8, paper_trail master branch and release v5.0.0 (when available) causes session issues. Login is reset by devise; paper_trail tries to access to the current_user variable before devise (airblade/paper_trail#556).

The fix is to manually add set_paper_trail_whodunnit before_action as advised here: (

# app/controllers/application_controller.rb
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_action :set_paper_trail_whodunnit


History view

Modal view

About Jemcode


This repository is maintained and funded by Jemcode Limited. We are available for hire.

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