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Pacer: Your Rhythm Friendly Companion

Started at HackRice 2016, Pacer is Android Application that, when exercising, detects your pace of movement and plays the song in your library that has the closest pace to your movement. It includes the ability to detect new music in your library and allows you to define each song's beats per minute by tapping.

To Build/ Install on your phone

  • Install Android Studio.
  • Download the zip file for this project and unzip.
  • From Android Studio, open this folder as an existing project.
  • Plug in your phone via usb to your computer.
  • Run the imported project, and select to run it on the plugged-in phone.
  • Open the app on your phone.

We're looking at adding several new bits of functionality:

  • customizing workouts
  • recording progress over time
  • helping users set and reach goals

And we're also looking at improving our current functionalities:

  • more accurate motion detecting algorithms
  • including gyroscoping data to motion detecting
  • Impromiving the tapping beats per minute detection
  • Adding user defined settings

Checkout the TODO file for more specific information.


Feel free to fork and send pull requests. At least one of the contributors is probably watching.


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