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A high school project on Windows security.
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Project: Jupiter || Version: 2.0 || Created By: Howard Yuan and Jemmy Zhou

How to execute:

This file is only compatible with PC computers. To run the program, first open cmd prompt on the administrator level. Locate the folder and enter in the command "javac". After the program is finished compiling, type "java Main_Frame" to run. The default username and password is "admin" and "pass", respectively. Instructions on placing this programing inside the startup files is not included, nor recommended. Please contact the developers for more information.


Project Jupiter is a log-in verification program that aims to increase security wherever need. It is originally designed as a second log in screen for Windows PCs. The concept is once a user logs in through the standard Windows log-in, this program will boot and force the user to log-in. Command prompt and Task Manager are specifically killed if tried to open so there is no backdoor to this program. If the user inputs the password incorrectly three times, the computer freezes, until it detects an encrypted code on a designated USB.

Date of Creation: 5.22.2017

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